How to Effectively Reduce Excessive Shedding in Siberian Huskies?

Grooming a Siberian Husky is no small task. Known for their luxurious double coat and heavy shedding, these dogs require a lot of attention when it comes to maintaining their health and appearance. Read on to learn how to effectively reduce excessive shedding in Siberian Huskies.

Understand the Husky Coat

Before you can effectively tackle excessive shedding, it’s crucial to understand the Husky’s coat. The double coat is a unique characteristic of Siberian Huskies and other Arctic breeds. This coat is a combination of a dense undercoat and a topcoat of longer hairs, also known as guard hairs.

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The undercoat, which is soft and fluffy, provides insulation against both cold and heat. The topcoat, on the other hand, is made up of straight hairs that repel water and block UV rays. Keep in mind that a Husky’s coat is not just for aesthetic purposes. It plays a crucial role in protecting the dog from various environmental factors.

The reason why Huskies shed so much is because they "blow" or shed their undercoat twice a year, usually during spring and fall. This is a completely natural process that helps the dog adjust to changing seasons. However, indoor living can disrupt this cycle, leading to continuous shedding throughout the year.

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Regular Grooming is Key

Regular grooming is crucial in reducing excessive shedding. Brushing your Husky’s coat not only helps keep it clean and healthy, but it also helps to remove loose hairs from the undercoat before they end up on your furniture. It’s recommended to brush your Husky’s coat at least once a week, but shedding periods may require more frequent brushing.

A deshedding tool or a slicker brush can be effective in reaching the dense undercoat. Remember to always brush along the direction of hair growth to avoid hurting your pet. Regular grooming can also help identify any issues like parasites, skin infections, or allergies that could be causing excessive shedding.

Provide a Balanced Diet

Just like human skin and hair health, a dog’s coat condition can be affected by their diet. Providing your Husky with a balanced, high-quality diet can significantly contribute to a healthy coat and reduced shedding. Foods rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals can promote healthy skin and hair.

Some pet owners also report that dietary supplements, such as fish oil or biotin, can help improve coat health and reduce shedding. However, always consult with a veterinarian before introducing any supplements to your pet’s diet.

Keep Your Husky Hydrated

Hydration plays a vital role in maintaining healthy skin and coat in dogs. Dehydration can lead to dry, flaky skin and brittle hair, which can increase shedding. Ensuring that your Husky has constant access to fresh, clean water will help keep their skin hydrated and healthy. Some dogs may also benefit from moisture-rich foods or supplements.

Professional Grooming Services

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your Husky’s shedding may seem unmanageable. In such cases, consider seeking the help of professional groomers. They are equipped with specialized tools and knowledge to handle heavy shedders like Huskies.

Professional groomers can provide services like de-shedding treatments, which involve using specialized shampoos and tools to remove loose undercoat hairs effectively. They can also advise on the best grooming practices and products for your Husky’s specific needs.

While Siberian Huskies are indeed a high-shedding breed, implementing these strategies can make managing the shedding much more manageable. Remember, shedding is a natural process for Huskies and indicative of a healthy coat. However, if you notice any sudden changes in your dog’s shedding patterns or if the shedding is accompanied by other concerning symptoms, it’s best to consult a veterinarian to rule out any underlying health issues.

Using an Undercoat Rake for Husky Shedding

An undercoat rake is a particularly useful tool in your armoury against excessive shedding in Siberian Huskies. This type of brush is specifically designed to penetrate the topcoat and reach the dense undercoat, effectively removing the loose hairs that cause shedding. The undercoat rake can drastically reduce the amount of husky fur that ends up all over your home.

Using an undercoat rake is straightforward. Start by brushing in the direction of hair growth, gently working through any mats or tangles. Be careful not to pull too hard, as this could hurt your dog and damage the fur. Regular use of an undercoat rake, especially during the shedding seasons of spring and fall, can help keep your husky’s double coat in optimal condition.

However, remember that not all undercoat rakes are created equal. Some are better suited to certain dog breeds or types of coat than others. Therefore, make sure to choose an undercoat rake that is suitable for your Husky’s double coat. Some owners also find the FURminator deShedding Tool to be highly effective in reducing Husky shedding.

Make Use of High-Velocity Dryers

High-velocity dryers can also be a game-changer when it comes to dealing with a shedding Husky. Unlike regular hair dryers, high-velocity dryers produce a powerful stream of air that can effectively blow out loose hair from your Husky’s double coat. This can be particularly helpful during the shedding seasons when your Husky is "blowing" their undercoat.

To use a high-velocity dryer, start by washing your Husky with a deshedding shampoo to loosen up the undercoat. After rinsing, use the dryer to blow out the loose hairs. Be careful to avoid the face and ears, as the strong air stream can be distressing or damaging.

Though high-velocity dryers can be a bit noisy and might take your dog some getting used to, they can significantly reduce the amount of loose hair that ends up in your home. Many professional groomers use these dryers as part of their service, but they can also be purchased for home use.


Taking care of a Siberian Husky’s double coat is indeed a challenging task, but with the right tools and knowledge, it’s possible to effectively manage and reduce shedding. Regular grooming, a balanced diet, ample hydration, and the use of an undercoat rake and a high-velocity dryer can all contribute significantly to minimizing the amount of husky fur that ends up scattered around your home.

Remember, while it might seem like your Husky is shedding excessively, this is a completely natural process for this breed, especially during the shedding seasons. However, if you notice any changes in your dog’s shedding patterns or if the shedding is accompanied by other symptoms, it’s best to consult a veterinarian.

With patience, consistency, and the right care, you can keep your Siberian Husky’s luxurious double coat in top condition, reduce shedding, and enjoy a relatively fur-free home.